Are you interested in getting a website designed? We want to help! Definitely contact us before you do, feel free to take a quick look through some of our most frequently asked questions.

How much do you charge to design a website?

We charge based on the work scope, to be discussed prior to starting work. A fixed price is provided for every project unless agreed otherwise, ensuring you know exactly what to expect on your bill and to eliminate overage fees, additional charges, and other cost-rising factors. We reserve the right to update pricing when our customer requests changes or additions after the project has started. Our quote is valid for 3 months.

Can you re-design the website I already have?

Yes, absolutely. A lot of people tend to want this to save on cost. Unfortunately, re-designing an existing website may require sometimes as much work as building a brand new site. Costs are given accordingly. That said, it’s a case by case basis to determine cost. If you have an existing website that needs some tweaks, let us know and we can sit down to have a look before providing you with details on what we’d recommend.

How long will it take to design a website for me?

The average time it takes for New Concept Design to design a regular website - non CMS (Content Management System) site - and receive client approval before going live is 4 to 5 weeks. More simple websites can take less time while more complex ones may take much longer. We are happy to give a time-frame to expect for your website to be completed by after full specification for the project is completed. All times are approximate and depend also on third party involvement if any, and on client response in providing site content - text and images.

What steps are involved in the design process?

Prior to your website going live, there are 6 unique stages of the New Concept Design web design process to be completed.

1. Your Free, No-Obligation Consultation

In our initial consultation, we go over your goals, plans for your website, and any current promotional or marketing materials. We may also examine what your competition’s websites look like if necessary. Further discussion is based around who your audience is and the audience you’re looking to attract, information visitors expect to see on your website, the message you want your website to deliver, images that could match the content of what you want to say, and how many features a site may need. All of this will help is to determine a rough sketch of the sitemap, navigation requirements, and layout.

2. Submitting a Proposal and Quote for Approval

After we’ve sat down with you and better understand what your vision for your website is, we submit a quote for your approval. You may request an alternative proposal or choose to negotiate changes in complexity, scope, dates or scheduling, and/or price at this time.

3. General Agreement is in Place or Contract is Signed

Once the details have been agreed on by our clients and us, we request a down payment (40 to 50%) with the intention of receiving the remainder in accordance with the identified schedule in the agreement, and start working on the project. In an instance where a project is bigger or it is required, a contract is written up including due dates and expectations of the project.

4. Core Design Work, with Sample Submitted

Now we can get to work! We collect high resolution images and materials from you, get more information, and define some rough visual concepts to work with or from. Once the core design work is ready, we present it for the approval. Depending on the complexity 1 or more designs are provided. Once this receives approval, we build a site and fill in the pages and content – all the while testing, troubleshooting, validating, and verifying the site for usability, accessibility, and more.

5. Final Revision Period for Additional Changes

Once the site is completed, we ask our client to to browse the website. If there are any minor revisions, we do our best to assist. We encourage our clients to go through the website and ensure they are fully satisfied with its navigation, flow, and contents.

6. Your Website Goes Live and Ready to Launch!

Now that your website is set up, approved, and ready, all that’s left to do is launch it.  Once we get the green light to launch, we set it live, submit it to search engines, and coordinate it with any online marketing campaign you may have in place. Congratulations, your website’s online!

Is your web design work warrantied in any way?

Yes, we provide a 30-day warranty on our web design. This includes any technical error fixes, typographical errors, spell-checking, link checking, and initial troubleshooting. This is all offered to you at no charge for the period of up to 30 days following project completion.

Can you get my website on Google and other search engines?

All websites we complete are placed in our portfolio. As we are indexed frequently, major search engines (including Google, Bing, and Yahoo) will pick up link to your site and index it. There is no guarantee search engines will accept your website, of course, but usually that is the case. Inclusion can take anywhere from a few days to few weeks..

Do you offer managed hosting services with website content updates?

Yes, we do! We can provide a managed hosting account with your own domain, support for website changes and support issues, and more. We also provide Microsoft Hosted Exchange e-mail services.

Can you design a WordPress website?

Yes, we can. WordPress is an excellent web design and website building platform with plenty of customizations. We can help you choose from pre-designed templates, create a custom WordPress site design for you, add advanced plugins to make your site work just like you want, and even set you up with a blog.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment in the form of cheques, Interac eTransfers, and credit card payments through PayPal.

How do you handle large content files?

For any large content files, we use WeTransfer which allows us to easily move files up to 2 GB in size.

How do I maintain my website long-term?

After we have completed the design of your website, you may be wondering what the expectation is regarding long-term site maintenance. You have two options. New Concept Design can continue on with you, overseeing your website performance. Alternatively, we can provide what’s called a CMS, or Content Management System, that allows you to complete specific updates yourself. Selecting us as maintenance provider or going with CMS is discussed during the proposal stage.