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E-Commerce Website Design

E-Commerce Website Design


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An e-commerce website generally allows visitors to purchase various products or services using a shopping cart and payment with a credit card (through merchant account) or with the use of the third party service such as PayPal or Stripe.

Our ecommerce solution provides a stable, secure, and easily updateable framework to sell your products or services. The prime goal is that visitors to your site can find what they are after and purchase it with ease. A secure content management system (CMS) allows you to control virtually every store aspect in real time from any device connected to the Internet. Our CMS solution is based on Open Source framework that provides a set of standard components for building e-commerce web sites.

We shape e-commerce solutions to meet your needs. Our projects have ranged from product catalogue/ brochure websites to high end database driven and data capture systems. We offer secure online payment solutions with credit card processing (through merchants such as Moneris, FirstData, Bambora or other) and can integrate payment platforms such as Pay Pal or Stripe.

What we consider when developing e-commerce web site:

Customer Acquisition and Retention

The key to customer acquisition is to create an easy experience for them as well as build login functionality to create an account for future fast checkout.

Product Catalog Functionality

A product catalog is a detailed list of the inventory of a store. Proper catalog setup is crucial for the success of the store.

Related Products Functionality

By displaying the related products under the heading of “You may also consider these products”, you can persuade customers to buy more than one product.

Featured Products Functionality

Featured products function is useful for informing visitors about the most popular products as well as various offers available. “Featured Products” may display or promote: bestsellers, new products, products or services on sale, and recommended products. This feature ensures that specific offers are noticed and that returning customers can quickly access what is new or on special without, spending unnecessary time browsing or searching the catalog.

Simple Checkout Solution

We concentrate on logical and user-friendly checkout process that is specific for your product or service. Our checkout allows both for express / guest checkout as well as through account login where client’s information is remembered for faster payment process and purchase history retention. Shopping experience is always secure through installation na set up of SSL certificate. Also, unless it is absolutely necessary, we don't store credit card information, we just utilize it during the purchase process.

Other Functionality and Solutions

As each web site is different we always create custom solutions that allow expanding either product catalogue functionality or payment process or marketing functionality.

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