We Create Custom WordPress Websites

When you create a website, you likely will want the ability to manage it, i.e. make minor changes, post blogs, update it, and more.

If that’s you, WordPress website design could be the route to take. As experienced WordPress developers, we can tell you first-hand that we’ve build dozens of websites on this popular platform and the functionality is amazing.

Although WordPress templates exist, they provide cookie-cutter web design that’s been seen and done before. We customize WordPress to fit your brand. Words, images, and more. Capture everything your brand is about and use a system that’s easily manageable even for someone who doesn’t know a thing about building a website.

Benefits of WordPress Web Design

While a service like New Concept Design handles all the back-end, get the advantages of original web design with the functionality of WordPress.

For non-technical updates, we can be as hands-off as you want. Manage your website the way you want. If you do run into technical issues at any point, we’re there to provide real-time solutions to maintain your website at peak efficiency.

WordPress design services offered by New Concept Design includes web design, programming, custom themes, plugin installation, and setup.

We also offer support on WordPress, site security services, digital marketing, eCommerce support, web strategy, search engine optimization, project management, and more.

Why WordPress

WordPress has thousands of plugins, the largest collection on the Internet. WordPress pages are also designed very SEO-friendly, with meta titles, descriptions, and keywords ready for search engine crawlers to read and index.

There are many amazing WordPress sites all over the Internet. Some of the world’s biggest companies and corporations rely on WordPress to deliver their content to users. From major corporations to small businesses in London, Ontario, millions of sites are built from WordPress web design.

Simplify your website. Make it easy to manage. You don’t have to know code or any special design techniques to enjoy WordPress. For more information on where to start, contact a representative at New Concept Design.