Build a stronger online presence and attract more customers

A necessary start to crafting the most successful brand for your audience is creating a small business website. New Concept Design specializes in custom, lean web design. That is, websites where every page is purposeful, navigation is intuitive, and every element works together to maximize growth and customer conversions.

When you hire us, we work hard to fulfill your every expectation and deliver the strongest representation possible not only on your website but in your digital marketing campaign as well.

How we build our websites relies on compelling graphic design, a well-organized information structure, and integration of social media, when required, and key marketing channels. We use your vision and we build for your customer. As a leading London, Ontario web design service, our efforts blend creativity with what’s most effective in reaching your target clientele. The result is a modern and interactive website experience.

Our Core Services

When we meet with a client for the first time, we sit down with you to help us better understand everything you’re hoping to get from a website, such as your short-term and long-term goals, marketing, how you wish to sell your products and services, and what else may be needed i.e. print work, an eCommerce store, Google Ads campaign, etc.

We then storyboard what’s the best way to integrate all these ideas into a customer-centric website. This is how we’ve successfully built dozens of websites for small business and organizations in Ontario.

What Makes A Great Website?

A truly great website is one that delivers results. Plain and simple. What ‘result’ means to you can be anything. For most, it’s direct revenues and sales. For others, it’s a way to generate leads and clicks.

What we do at our end is offer guidance and support to achieve the intended result through web design and related services. We customize your package to your needs – not ours. We use strategies we’ve developed and implemented over years of real experience. From website support to website maintenance, online security, debugging, and website updates, we do it all and include it all in every web package we offer.

New Concept Design also provides these services: