Internet Security

SSL certification is the best way to guard against Internet security threats and to maintain website privacy.

A necessity for every business website, SSL certificates are essential for eCommerce web design and any company selling products online but strongly recommended for every website. SSL communicates to a customer their personal and financial information is adequately protected.

Website security risks have only grown in the past decade. Though SSL certification does not improve a site’s layout or functionality, the fact that it provides a secure, trustworthy connection is worth it.

What is SSL Certification

SSL is a type of security technology that encrypts data as it is exchanged between an Internet browser and a website server.

SSL certification ensures any and all data shared between a website and its user is secure and private at all times.

A website with SSL certification is easy to spot. These sites are marked with the ‘https’ protocol, rather than the non-SSL ‘http’. Most browsers also provide the visual cue of a green lock in the address bar for a website that is safe and secure with SSL.

Who Uses SSL Certification

SSL is very much the industry standard in website security.

SSL protects personal contact details, credit and debit card details, form entries, and other personal data. Comparatively, a website without SSL certification exposes its data to hackers.

Consumers want to know they are protected. Naturally, you want to know your website isn’t vulnerable to security risks either. An SSL fulfills expectations on both counts while also adding credibility.

A site that is not secured with SSL will appear unsafe and even be red-flagged by some browsers.

Why You Need An SSL Certificate

A website without an SSL certificate is one that will be flagged, leaving a very negative first impression on visitors.

A user doesn’t feel secure on a non-SSL enabled website. A website like this looks unprofessional and unreliable.

There are even some advantages SEO-wise, with the most recent Google algorithm update prioritizing SSL sites in search engine ranking. Your website is considered to be of a higher quality when SSL is incorporated into its design.

Do right by you, your website, and your users. Get an SSL certificate for your website.