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Web Security - SSL Certificates

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In an era of Internet security threats and the need to maintain website privacy, it’s an absolute necessity for any business website to have an SSL certificate.

There’s been a lot of changes online in the past decade. New programming languages, app releases, and content management systems have made it easier for website developers. We oftentimes forget the importance of website security yet its need is more imperative than ever before.

For years, SSL certificates were a strict recommendation for eCommerce sites and for any company selling product online. These certificates let customers know their personal and financial information was adequately protected. As website security risks have grown, the need for an SSL certificate applies to any and every website. Though having one does not improve or affect layout or functionality, an SSL certificate ensures a secure connection and establishes trustworthiness.

What is SSL Certification

SSL is a security technology that encrypts the data exchange between a website server and browser. Through the use of SSL certification, you ensure that when a link is established, any and all data shared between a website and a reader is private and secure. Websites using SSL certification are easy to spot. These sites are marked with ‘https’ protocol, rather than the standard ‘http’. There are also visual clues such as green lock in the address bar.

Who uses SSL Certification

SSL certificates protect contact details, credit and debit card details, and other personal data. Any site that does not have an SSL certificate established, that exposes personal data to hackers. The biggest advantage to using an SSL certificate is you get security. Consumers know they’re protected and you know you’re not vulnerable to security risk. Secondly, they add credibility. Any site not marked with an SSL certificate, browsers like Google Chrome are beginning to identify them as ‘unsecure’ and will red-flag them.

Why you Need an SSL Certificate

Any website without an SSL certificate is put at a significant disadvantage, being flagged by Google and creating a very negative first impression on new visitors. Any customer who sees a non-SSL certified website flagged is not going to feel secure remaining on the site. It looks unprofessional and unreliable.

Subsequently, on one of Google’s recent algorithm updates, SSL certificates have SEO advantages as well. Sites SSL enabled rank higher on Google search results than non-SSL sites because they are considered to be a higher quality. Having an SSL certificate helps across important categories of web design and digital marketing. Consider an SSL certificate for your website and set yourself up for success!