Reliable and Affordable Hosting Service

A website is a little bit like a brick-and-mortar storefront. A small business will put their best products on display upfront for would-be customers to browse.

A website is the same sort of dynamic. On a website, you have text, images, and all sorts of elements that are put on display to advertise your brand. All this stuff needs to be hosted somewhere. In a nutshell, that’s web hosting.

For your website to be available on the Internet, it must be placed on a server that provides access 24/7.

Ideally, you want your hosting to be somewhere you trust with strong security standards and minimal downtime, but at the same time you would like to deal with a local company.

As your one-stop shop for website design and support, professional web hosting from New Concept Design is offered for an annual fee. Use servers located in Canada, adhering to the strictest standards in website performance, speed, and security. We also host e-mail applications - Microsoft Exchange - for companies and organizations who chose to have their own email addresses.

Why is Web Hosting Important

How fast and secure your website is relies on the quality of its servers and web hosting.

You wouldn’t be able to have a website without it. All content, graphics, and images are on your server.

The benefits of using web hosting through New Concept Design is that we manage site architecture, overseeing the technical components your site is built on. As a go-to source for web hosting services in London, Ontario, we offer thorough support and 99.95% uptime. Any technical issues you may experience, we take care of. In effect, we catch small issues before they build to something bigger.

It is very helpful to build and host a site with the same company as no one knows your website better than the team who designed it. In addition, it is important that local, Canadian businesses and organizations are hosted on servers located in Canada, not south of the border.

What Do I Look For in a Web Hosting Service

There are more web hosting companies than ever before. You have a lot to consider when deciding what the right web hosting package is for your website.

Affordability is a huge consideration, of course. Depending on how much data you have on your website, as you go through tiered plans, you may find hosting can be quite costly. We do our best to offer low prices, ensuring you receive the best hosting possible without having to compromise due to above-average pricing.

To this, it’s also key to state every website is different. A cookie-cutter hosting plan is not something we offer. We customize the hosting to what a site needs so that you aren’t paying for things you won’t use.

Reliability is also another major point. Web servers and web hosting services can’t be experiencing downtime every other week. You want your website up and available always. We’ve worked with countless websites on this, small and large. We always go above and beyond to ensure our clients have the bandwidth, disk space, and technical support to thrive.

Sometimes, a technical issue is unavoidable. They happen. When they do, you want customer support that’s available and ready to act. We make it our duty to be here for you, to address any questions or concerns. No delays, no downtime!

Launching a website is not always easy for business owners. A reliable web hosting package eliminates a lot of worrying, ensures you get maximum value for a fair, affordable price. As a London, Ontario web hosting service, we have the speed, hosting, and customer service to support your website. Contact us today for a free web hosting consultation.