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Microsoft Exchange Email

hosted exchange e-mail - london, ontario

Microsoft Exchange Email services are a great way to sync up emails, calendars, and contacts, ensuring you have everything you need to run your business website from your smartphone and keep in touch with clients, partners, employees, and relevant stakeholders.

What is Microsoft Exchange email

Microsoft Exchange email is a cloud email option, providing you the chance to answer emails on the go. When it comes to robust email productivity solutions, Microsoft Exchange email stands alone in delivering high quality and convenient access. If you’re fielding a lot of email inquiries on a daily or weekly basis, this is a powerful, collaborative solution that can easily be scaled to accommodate growth in partnerships and customers.

Advantages to Choosing Microsoft Exchange

Exchange email can be customized to be the email solution you need. There are a number of productivity and collaboration options including contacts, calendar and tasks.

It’s also very reliable, ensuring little to no downtime and fewer customer support calls to troubleshoot problematic issues. If your current email cloud server is giving you trouble or if this is your first time searching out one for your business website, Microsoft Exchange is the recommended option.

Be confident in knowing you’ve chosen an email solution that can be scaled as you grow and that has the support you need. Rely on it, use it every day, and never have to worry about losing customers, communications, productivity, or revenue. Microsoft Exchange email is the way to go!

Hosted Exchange Features:

50 GB (300 GB Available)
Hosted in Canada
Standard Exchange Accounts
99,99% availability
Personalized domain name (not included)
Multiple domains
OWA optimized for touch screen
Accessible from a Webmail: Outlook WebApp
Antivirus and Antispam
Shared SSL certificate
No setup fees