A Social And Eco Responsible Web Design Company

The work-from-home trend in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many businesses.

Thankfully, it hasn’t impacted New Concept Design like it has others. We have been working from home for years.

In over two decades of providing quality London, Ontario web design services to dozens of brands and companies, all of the grunt work we’ve put on has been from home.

Everyone from upper management to our administrator, developers, Google AdWords manager, and graphic designer all work from home. This is how we designed our business, in efforts to keep web design services affordable, reliable, and timely.

New Concept Design, A Social And Eco Responsible Web Design Company

Find Web Design Services in Ontario During COVID-19 Crisis

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve continued working for our clients. We haven’t adjusted a thing. Our team has continued to work effectively and maintaining a safe social distance.

There are a lot of reasons why we’ve continued on even in the face of this worldwide crisis. Our clients need us. We want to be there for them, even with all this uncertainty in the months ahead. Their websites aren’t going anywhere nor is their web presence.

Our team has also strongly advocated for continuing to work, prioritizing safety, economic efficiency, and accessibility to key business services.

Why Do We Work From Home?

  • For us, it’s a more eco-friendly way of doing things. There is no commuting involved, reducing our company’s greenhouse gas emissions by a lot.
  • A work-from-home setting allows for schedules to be flexible, prioritizing our employees’ comfort.
  • Productivity is higher. Multiple studies show, in many cases, employees are more productive when they are in a work-from-home environment rather than being at the office.
  • Our employees are happier. We’re not here just to make a buck. We want our clients, employees, and colleagues to enjoy working with us.
  • Allowing our team to work from home has expanded hiring opportunities. We have been able to hire the best talent, regardless of where they live. We collaborate with talent from all over the province and even Canada-wide.

How We Get the Best from our Work-From-Home Employees

This is all possible due to the Internet and where technology has advanced.

Our employees utilize several tools to communicate with us, including time tracking, communications meeting and messaging applications, file transfer and sharing, and project management software.

It’s a very fortunate time for businesses like ours who have long been working in a work-from-home environment.

Not only is it the right thing to do, for those that can, while this COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing but it’s the social responsible thing to do.

Are You Looking for London, Ontario Web Design for Your Small Business?

Fevers break. Eventually, COVID-19 numbers in Canada will begin to reduce. Business will resume, whether that’s at the end of May, in the early summer, or later in the year. Our clients aren’t waiting to get to work on planning their response post-coronavirus. Their web presence hasn’t been put on pause and ‘forward’ is where their companies are headed.

Our team is still at work. London, Ontario web design services are available. New Concept Design continues to help our partners strengthen, optimize, and maximize web design opportunities. Are you looking for small business web design in Ontario during these trying times – contact us. We can assist.