Signs Your Website Design Needs an Upgrade

Even the most successful small business websites in Canada will occasionally re-design its features or completely overhaul their look. Why? Well, there are many reasons. Sometimes, a website owner may just want to freshen things up. Other times though, it may be because of major issues in the functionality of a website. Here are the top signs your website design needs an upgrade.

Slow loading time

We’re all impatient. If a site doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less, chances are people are leaving. Numerous things can affect your site speed. A London, Ontario web designer can help by examining your website from every angle, identifying and eliminating its weaknesses while providing support to ensure it can load every page quickly and completely.

An outdated aesthetic

Bottom line – looks matter on a website. If you created your web design a decade ago and haven’t done many big changes since then, chances are it’s not looking very fresh or modern. Don’t be stuck in the past. Put in for an upgrade.

Your Website Design Needs an Upgrade

Your URL is out of date

If your URL no longer represents your brand, you have a problem. Your website is the equivalent of a business card. It should perfectly represent your company and vision. If your URL is irrelevant or you’re having to explain it when giving it out, it may be time to upgrade.

It doesn’t work on a smartphone

If your website isn’t mobile responsive or isn’t showing up right on a smartphone, no wonder you’re losing so many customers! The number of smartphone users is growing every year and more Internet users are on smartphones or mobile devices than desktops. You generate more revenue on mobile screens and there’s more to gain there. You’ve got to have a mobile responsive website for this very reason.

Your bounce rate is increasing

Have you noticed more users exiting your site without becoming customers? You may have functional or navigation issues, design issues, or something else preventing you from closing that sale. If you’re serious about building a customer base through your website, you need a more modern, well designed website.

Your site is more than 5 years old

Even if your website runs great, in any 5 year period, a lot of website design advances are made. You could be missing out on trends, features, and be using outdated SEO tactics or marketing practices. Speak with a web designer to analyze your site. You may not need a full overhaul but it doesn’t hurt to speak with an expert.

Your products or services aren’t selling

If you were once selling a lot through your site and no longer are, you may find it’s because you’ve lost your users somewhere along the way. A London web designer can tell you why there’s been a drop-off in leads or conversions and can implement content or design advice to help you structure your pages in a more customer-friendly way.


Companies grow and websites evolve. When you first started your website, maybe you thought it would be one type of business and over time it’s progressed to something else. As websites grow, navigation becomes complex and users can get confused. Simplify things with an upgrade and one that is focused particularly on navigation.

Design elements are incorrectly loading

As we design a website, we use what’s working and trendy at the time. Something like Adobe Flash was once extremely popular and so useful! These days, you don’t need it and browsers don’t support it. Features and design elements like these can come off dated or plain don’t work. When this occurs, speak with a web designer and ask for a re-design or an honest assessment of what they’d recommend.

These aren’t the only signs your website design needs an upgrade but this short list makes up the most common reasons. If you suspect your website is no longer working for you, get it looked at. It’s sort of like taking in your car for an inspection, in the sense that if you want your website to work, you’ve got to make sure it’s sound in design and functionality. Contact New Concept Design for info on how we can help you with the future of your web design.