9 Ways to Improve your Web Site Speed

If lead conversion, search engine optimization, and user engagement matter to you then website speed should be high priority. Fast-loading websites get more sales, more users, and higher search engine placement.

Just think, if you visit a website and it takes longer than a few seconds to load, are you going to wait for it – a lot of people won’t. 47 percent of people expect a website to load in two seconds or less. If it takes any longer, you’re going to see users begin to drop off. As a starting point, here are 9 easy ways to improve website speed.

Improve your website speed

1 – Use Google PageSpeed to test your site

Google PageSpeed Insights works to improve latency and bandwidth usage, through implementing resource changes according to web performance best practices. PageSpeed doesn’t require you do change content or workflow. It’s an easy tool to use and it also allows you to do some basic speed improvement work.

You can also Install Google PageSpeed on your server to optimize your site automatically.

2 – Optimizing images

Large images take longer to load and will slow down a web page. Reduce the file size of your photos, graphics, and logo files. The great thing about this is that you can usually reduce image size in some big ways without compromising quality.

3 – Compress your website

Compression reduces the size of HTTP response which in turn helps to speed things up on a user’s end. Some compression tools can reduce response size by as much as 70 percent. If you’re already employing caching apps or plug-ins, these may already be doing some compression. Anything like this that cuts into load time is worth looking into!

4 – Combining files

Combining CSS files can be an easy way to provide faster webpage speed. For example, let’s say you’re using multiple CSS files. That means any time a browse retrieves a page, it has to make as many  additional requests to your server as the number of files which increases load time. When you combine CSS and other files, you continue to eat into your load time.

5 – Hosting videos on YouTube

If your intention is to use video throughout your site, installing video on your website’s server can cause load time to shoot up rather quickly. Instead, it’s better to post your video to YouTube, host it on YouTube’s servers, and embed the video directly into your page.

6 – Finding a solid hosting service

Many web design experts believe web hosting to be one of the most ignored elements influencing page load speed. If you are experiencing rushes of traffic, it might be time to upgrade your hosting plan. Doing so, you’ll ensure your pages are adequately supported with the resources they need to load and connect with your users.

7 – Browser caching

Enable browser caching. Doing so will allow a visitor to keep downloadable files from your website in their browser. Thereby, when someone returns to your website, the page will load faster because the browser already has those files. Browser caching cuts down on load time and reduces the bandwidth required from your server.

8 – Round-trip times (RTT)

RTT refers to the time it takes for all the requests to be fulfilled prior to a user accessing your website. RTT refers to the number of requests. Every CSS file, Javascript file, image files, and more need to be requested individually. All of this just adds time to your page load speed. If you want to speed up web page performance, minimizing round trips are key.

9 – Use a Content Delivery Network

If you’re getting a lot of traffic, you’re going to want to connect with a CDN. CDNs can assist with media hosting, simplifying complex tasks into simpler ones and thereby helping to reduce load time. Use of CDN is essential if you need to host a lot of images or videos. The most popular CDN service is available through Amazon.

If you would like us to test your website and make speed improvements, just contact us for more information.

How Proper Web Design Can Help with Increase in Customer Traffic

Properly designed website is critical to succeeding in the digital landscape. Consumers seeking to purchase a product or buy into a service will check it out prior to making a decision. Dynamic, effective web design guides the conversation around your brand, allows to keep users on your website and increase the chance of them co contact you through web form or using contact information such as e-mail or phone number.

Increasing customer traffic in web design hinges on many different aspects. Responsive design, code optimization, SEO-friendliness, and having an uncluttered aesthetic all play key roles. The potential to capture users on search engines, social media, and through digital marketing is maximized when one knows how to successfully deliver quality across these channels. A web design agency like ours can help in achieving your goals.

Proper web design and customer traffic

1 – Responsive Designs

Mobile responsiveness is the ability of a web design to adapt to the screen size, ensuring everyone from smartphone users to those on tablets, desktops, and other devices can access your website the way you intended. A responsive design keeps your site user-friendly and maintains flow of navigation even when the screen is smaller.

2 – Code Optimization

As a web design agency, we know the value in good coding. When your web design has been coded right, it keeps your site loading fast and prioritizes the user experience. No one wants a website that isn’t fast loading, has missing pages, redirects that go nowhere, and broken links. Coding is also an integral component to ensuring your site is indexed properly by search engines.

3 – SEO-Friendliness

Using an expert-level web designer, increase customer traffic by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. When done right, achieve proper search engine placement on relevant and localized search queries. Strengthen lead generation, conversion rates, and numbers across the board.

4 – Clean and Uncluttered

From an aesthetic perspective, web design should deliver an uncluttered, professional appearance that makes it easy for any user to navigate. The cleaner a website looks, the more easily it can be read and navigated.

Why Choose New Concept Design

Web design is a powerful tool though there are many different ways it could go wrong. Have an agency at your side as guidance and provide insight into what’s the most cost-effective, successful route to pursue in building your website traffic. To draw people to your website and to keep them there, all the technical aspects of web design need to be handled in addition to ensuring your brand is accurately represented. If there’s one thing we remain committed to at New Concept Design, it’s results. That’s what we come to the table with.

Your website is many things – a sales hub for your digital activity, a 24 hours a day business card anyone can explore, and it’s also your best salesperson. If you want consumers to trust your brand and buy your products, the web design needs to be right. Professional, high quality web design is just a click away. With New Concept Design, you have a team of professionals working to get your coding, text, images, graphics, and online presence on track. Set your website apart with something that will catch attention and entice users to stay on your page. In its simplest definition, that’s what effective and proper web design does, and that’s how you increase customer traffic. Contact us to request free web design consultation.

How to Find the Right Web Design Company in Ontario

Preparing your business for maximum online success requires finding the right London, Ontario web design company to get you set up. As important as things like social media are, any business seeking authority and legitimacy in the face of competition in the marketplace should have a website. New Concept Design has nearly nineteen years of experience to its name. Throughout this time, we’ve been helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, non-profits, and contractors create and manage their own websites. In the highly competitive digital space, we’ve sent many businesses on the fast-track towards success.

Sit Down with us for a Chat

No one knows your business like you do. Every business is a little bit different from the next. A website design company should be willing to sit down with you to discuss your business goals, your vision, and how your existing digital presence is performing. If you already have a website, New Concept Design would be more than happy to conduct an audit. Some of the things we can examine is how well your site is performing in relation to your intended goals, what your Google search rankings are, how well your website is at generating leads, and more.

web design ontario

Customize a Website Solution to your Audience

When we take on an assignment to build a London, Ontario website, our design targets the audience rather than the site owner. After all, if you want to maximize your leads, revenues, and success, it’s about finding out what your target audience wants and giving it to them. In the past, we’ve built comprehensive websites using database-driven content, a variety of multimedia components, and unique digital applications. After we’ve identified the vision for your site, we can customize a web design solution for your audience that establishes and supports the long-term goals of your company.

ROI-Focused with a Proven Track Record

In two decades of specializing in London web design services, we’ve helped many brands re-invigorate lead generation, increase sales, build mobile responsive sites that specifically target smartphone users, and optimizing all aspects of site design to search engines. New Concept Design is a complete web design agency covering all aspects of creation, development, and management. Some of the areas where we’ve garnered expertise is in proximity marketing, long-term organic search engine optimization strategies, and attractive CTA-driven web design.

If you’re not getting Results, Make a Change!

Web design is all about generating results. If your website design strategy is not maximizing results and giving you the kind of digital presence you want, it’s time to make a change. Don’t wait! We would love to speak with you to get to know the finer aspects of your business and what you hope to accomplish with a high quality website. As we audit your web design and evaluate possible digital strategies, we’ll find what resonates with your customers and target them in a way that may not have otherwise been done before.

Chat with a New Concept Design representative today for more information on how we can develop the ultimate website for your business. As a London, Ontario web design company, we have the experience, expertise, and answers to grow your business repeatedly in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Empower your brand today with a high quality Ontario website!