The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Using a responsive web design comes with high importance. Do not underestimate the difference a responsive web design can make.

Consumers use smartphones to browse the Internet, connect on social media, shop eCommerce, and to pursue a range of actions that lead them back to websites. If your website is not mobile responsive, you run the risk of losing leads you’ve generated and gambling away conversions. Comparatively, being mobile responsive, you can gain customers, improve your SEO ratings, and appear more professional.

Mobile responsiveness guarantees full control of how users are seeing your text, images, and presentation. For example, if you’re selling products or services directly online, you want everything optimized for a sale. If you don’t know how your site is going to appear on a smartphone or tablet, you could be squandering $1,000s in sales or possibly more. A simple, functional website employing mobile responsive web design is what you want to aim for.

Responsive web design

User experience

Customizing the user experience for the consumer is what lies at the centre of mobile responsiveness. In this age, we view websites on our desktops, smartphones, and tablets. If you build a site for desktop, it may look great on a computer but when it comes time to apply that same design to a smartphone, it can look wildly different. Mobile responsive web design allows a site to adapt its design according to screen size, shifting objects as needed, adapting font sizes and images, and optimizing your website for any and every possible viewing possibility.

Go where the audience is

No matter what category your website is in, you’re likely seeing the same trend every other category is – users are shifting from desktops to tablets and smartphones. More users are surfing Internet using smartphones and tablets, and more are dropping off from desktops. Therefore, to maximize the amount of customers you pick up, you must go where the audience is and that’s on mobile platforms. A fast, responsive design goes a long way in satisfying the expectations of the consumer and helps to build that important emotional connection you need to get leads converting into customers.

SEO and Google’s Mobile-First Index

Google recently made a change in its algorithms regarding how sites are placed in search engine queries. Those sites that are mobile responsive are valued higher than sites who are not mobile-equipped. Google also employs a mobile-first index, which uses the mobile version of a website to classify it. Any time someone is making a search on Google on their tablet or smartphone, they’re going to pull up mobile responsive websites first. If SEO is something you’re concerned with, you absolutely want to ensure mobile responsiveness is activated and employed.

Fast loading speed

A lot of web design companies do not care about how fast your site loads. For them, they’re more concerned with appearances. Regarding a responsive design, as important as it is for a site to be adaptable, it’s equally important for it to be fast. According to recent research, roughly 48 percent of all mobile responsive designs take between 4 and 8 seconds to load. Most users expect a site to load within 3 seconds or less. Therefore, when designing for mobile, you must ensure images are optimized, elements are minimized in the correct way, and that your site loads as quickly as possible.

Overlooking mobile responsive web design is a huge mistake. Quintessential for success online, use a mobile responsive design to ensure visitors are able to successfully navigate your site continuously without difficulty!  As a website designers in London, Ontario, we can help to build your responsive website.

How Proper Web Design Can Help with Increase in Customer Traffic

Properly designed website is critical to succeeding in the digital landscape. Consumers seeking to purchase a product or buy into a service will check it out prior to making a decision. Dynamic, effective web design guides the conversation around your brand, allows to keep users on your website and increase the chance of them co contact you through web form or using contact information such as e-mail or phone number.

Increasing customer traffic in web design hinges on many different aspects. Responsive design, code optimization, SEO-friendliness, and having an uncluttered aesthetic all play key roles. The potential to capture users on search engines, social media, and through digital marketing is maximized when one knows how to successfully deliver quality across these channels. A web design agency like ours can help in achieving your goals.

Proper web design and customer traffic

1 – Responsive Designs

Mobile responsiveness is the ability of a web design to adapt to the screen size, ensuring everyone from smartphone users to those on tablets, desktops, and other devices can access your website the way you intended. A responsive design keeps your site user-friendly and maintains flow of navigation even when the screen is smaller.

2 – Code Optimization

As a web design agency, we know the value in good coding. When your web design has been coded right, it keeps your site loading fast and prioritizes the user experience. No one wants a website that isn’t fast loading, has missing pages, redirects that go nowhere, and broken links. Coding is also an integral component to ensuring your site is indexed properly by search engines.

3 – SEO-Friendliness

Using an expert-level web designer, increase customer traffic by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. When done right, achieve proper search engine placement on relevant and localized search queries. Strengthen lead generation, conversion rates, and numbers across the board.

4 – Clean and Uncluttered

From an aesthetic perspective, web design should deliver an uncluttered, professional appearance that makes it easy for any user to navigate. The cleaner a website looks, the more easily it can be read and navigated.

Why Choose New Concept Design

Web design is a powerful tool though there are many different ways it could go wrong. Have an agency at your side as guidance and provide insight into what’s the most cost-effective, successful route to pursue in building your website traffic. To draw people to your website and to keep them there, all the technical aspects of web design need to be handled in addition to ensuring your brand is accurately represented. If there’s one thing we remain committed to at New Concept Design, it’s results. That’s what we come to the table with.

Your website is many things – a sales hub for your digital activity, a 24 hours a day business card anyone can explore, and it’s also your best salesperson. If you want consumers to trust your brand and buy your products, the web design needs to be right. Professional, high quality web design is just a click away. With New Concept Design, you have a team of professionals working to get your coding, text, images, graphics, and online presence on track. Set your website apart with something that will catch attention and entice users to stay on your page. In its simplest definition, that’s what effective and proper web design does, and that’s how you increase customer traffic. Contact us to request free web design consultation.