The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Using a responsive web design comes with high importance. Do not underestimate the difference a responsive web design can make.

Consumers use smartphones to browse the Internet, connect on social media, shop eCommerce, and to pursue a range of actions that lead them back to websites. If your website is not mobile responsive, you run the risk of losing leads you’ve generated and gambling away conversions. Comparatively, being mobile responsive, you can gain customers, improve your SEO ratings, and appear more professional.

Mobile responsiveness guarantees full control of how users are seeing your text, images, and presentation. For example, if you’re selling products or services directly online, you want everything optimized for a sale. If you don’t know how your site is going to appear on a smartphone or tablet, you could be squandering $1,000s in sales or possibly more. A simple, functional website employing mobile responsive web design is what you want to aim for.

Responsive web design

User experience

Customizing the user experience for the consumer is what lies at the centre of mobile responsiveness. In this age, we view websites on our desktops, smartphones, and tablets. If you build a site for desktop, it may look great on a computer but when it comes time to apply that same design to a smartphone, it can look wildly different. Mobile responsive web design allows a site to adapt its design according to screen size, shifting objects as needed, adapting font sizes and images, and optimizing your website for any and every possible viewing possibility.

Go where the audience is

No matter what category your website is in, you’re likely seeing the same trend every other category is – users are shifting from desktops to tablets and smartphones. More users are surfing Internet using smartphones and tablets, and more are dropping off from desktops. Therefore, to maximize the amount of customers you pick up, you must go where the audience is and that’s on mobile platforms. A fast, responsive design goes a long way in satisfying the expectations of the consumer and helps to build that important emotional connection you need to get leads converting into customers.

SEO and Google’s Mobile-First Index

Google recently made a change in its algorithms regarding how sites are placed in search engine queries. Those sites that are mobile responsive are valued higher than sites who are not mobile-equipped. Google also employs a mobile-first index, which uses the mobile version of a website to classify it. Any time someone is making a search on Google on their tablet or smartphone, they’re going to pull up mobile responsive websites first. If SEO is something you’re concerned with, you absolutely want to ensure mobile responsiveness is activated and employed.

Fast loading speed

A lot of web design companies do not care about how fast your site loads. For them, they’re more concerned with appearances. Regarding a responsive design, as important as it is for a site to be adaptable, it’s equally important for it to be fast. According to recent research, roughly 48 percent of all mobile responsive designs take between 4 and 8 seconds to load. Most users expect a site to load within 3 seconds or less. Therefore, when designing for mobile, you must ensure images are optimized, elements are minimized in the correct way, and that your site loads as quickly as possible.

Overlooking mobile responsive web design is a huge mistake. Quintessential for success online, use a mobile responsive design to ensure visitors are able to successfully navigate your site continuously without difficulty!  As a website designers in London, Ontario, we can help to build your responsive website.

How to Find the Right Web Design Company in Ontario

Preparing your business for maximum online success requires finding the right London, Ontario web design company to get you set up. As important as things like social media are, any business seeking authority and legitimacy in the face of competition in the marketplace should have a website. New Concept Design has nearly nineteen years of experience to its name. Throughout this time, we’ve been helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, non-profits, and contractors create and manage their own websites. In the highly competitive digital space, we’ve sent many businesses on the fast-track towards success.

Sit Down with us for a Chat

No one knows your business like you do. Every business is a little bit different from the next. A website design company should be willing to sit down with you to discuss your business goals, your vision, and how your existing digital presence is performing. If you already have a website, New Concept Design would be more than happy to conduct an audit. Some of the things we can examine is how well your site is performing in relation to your intended goals, what your Google search rankings are, how well your website is at generating leads, and more.

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Customize a Website Solution to your Audience

When we take on an assignment to build a London, Ontario website, our design targets the audience rather than the site owner. After all, if you want to maximize your leads, revenues, and success, it’s about finding out what your target audience wants and giving it to them. In the past, we’ve built comprehensive websites using database-driven content, a variety of multimedia components, and unique digital applications. After we’ve identified the vision for your site, we can customize a web design solution for your audience that establishes and supports the long-term goals of your company.

ROI-Focused with a Proven Track Record

In two decades of specializing in London web design services, we’ve helped many brands re-invigorate lead generation, increase sales, build mobile responsive sites that specifically target smartphone users, and optimizing all aspects of site design to search engines. New Concept Design is a complete web design agency covering all aspects of creation, development, and management. Some of the areas where we’ve garnered expertise is in proximity marketing, long-term organic search engine optimization strategies, and attractive CTA-driven web design.

If you’re not getting Results, Make a Change!

Web design is all about generating results. If your website design strategy is not maximizing results and giving you the kind of digital presence you want, it’s time to make a change. Don’t wait! We would love to speak with you to get to know the finer aspects of your business and what you hope to accomplish with a high quality website. As we audit your web design and evaluate possible digital strategies, we’ll find what resonates with your customers and target them in a way that may not have otherwise been done before.

Chat with a New Concept Design representative today for more information on how we can develop the ultimate website for your business. As a London, Ontario web design company, we have the experience, expertise, and answers to grow your business repeatedly in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Empower your brand today with a high quality Ontario website!