Why Is It Important to Have A Mobile-Friendly Website Going Into 2021

Mobile is not only where the Internet is going but it is where it is. Desktop websites are out. Mobile-friendly websites are in.

Web design has had to adjust, as have the expectations of small business owners seeking a website.

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How Facing A Threat like COVID-19 Can Strengthen a Business’ Online Presence

We are living in the era of COVID-19. This year will forever be known worldwide as ‘the year of coronavirus’.

However you want to analyze it, it’s a hard time for businesses. Although our government’s instituting measures to help small to medium-sized businesses, most have shut down the… Read more

5 Top Trends for Web Designers in London, Ontario

As one of the best web designers in London, Ontario, we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go throughout our past 20 years of being in business. This year, popular web design trends continue to prioritize the user experience above all else. For businesses of all categories, the latest web des… Read more